Luigi Puxeddu

Was born in Perugia in 1971.
He spent part of his childhood in Germany, L√ľneburg.
After the linguistic high school graduation attended the Faculty of Letters at the University La Sapienza, Rome; at the same time he attended the Prof. Alfons Avanessian painting lessons at the Free School of Nude Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where he will start, two years later, the sculpture course. Take part in the Erasmus project in Iceland, where he exhibited in several exhibitions and has the chance to be inspired by the landscape of the place. In 2004 he received his bachelor's degree in sculpture.
In the same year he spent long periods in Brazil.
In 2010 he returned to Rome he joined the artists of Fabio Sargentini’s Gallery L’Attico.
In 2013 he also began to exhibit at the Galleria Toselli in Milan, where he had a solo exhibition and participated in many others.
In recent years he has participated in several group exhibitions, including Over The Horizon Land at Palazzo Cesarini Sforza of Genzano in 2015 and Visions Animals at the State Tactile Museum Omero of Ancona in 2016.
The focus of his work is a centralized research on the power of the image that nature can return as archetype. Through a work of observation and identification, this research finally finds realization in the plastic of the sculpture.

Lives and works in Rome.